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Looking for a freezer you don't have to keep plugged in?  That would be a cold plate freezer.  Check out Cold Plate Carts using the tabs on the left or Novelty Carts/Cold Plate Carts in the ON-LINE SHOPPING section.


Dipping and Gelato Cabinets

Designed to help you sell more scoops of ice cream or gelato, our new HB freezers include glass sliding lids and optional tempered glass sneeze guards permitting perfect merchandise presentation and excellent visibility. These are ideal for in-store use, but are also used in some of our cart systems and on mobile food trucks.  This is also an ideal solution for restaurants and cafes to add ice cream or gelato to a dessert menu at low cost.  NEW FEATURES:  -15F to 40F temperature range and LED lighting!


Display capacity ranges from 4 tubs to 12 tubs or equivalent in gelato pans when ordered with the tub holder skirts/ or pan holder basket package.   And there is plenty of storage room for more product beneath the baskets.  Each ice cream tub holder basket holds two standard 2.5 or 3-gallon tubs and includes a plastic skirt that frames the top of the basket with small angled flavor sign platforms.  Each gelato basket holds three standard 5-liter gelato pans and also includes a plastic top-skirt.  Features a temp range of -15F to +40F and LED lighting!


You will be impressed by these practical, innovative and market-oriented cabinets – a result of worldwide experience in the ice cream sector.  That's why they are the core of our new H-series dipping and gelato carts!

What to Order?

Ice Cream / Italian Ice / Gelato Shops - Front of House

Order the largest cabinet that will fit the space you have available.  This maximizes the flavors you can offer (up to 12 currently with the HBD12 or HBG12).  Since in a public area, you'll want to order the sneeze guard to keep sticky little fingers out of your product and your health department inspectors happy.  Select ice cream tubs or pan holder tray options depending on your product.  Consider graphics-it's a little extra time and cost to have them done, but it is otherwise free advertising that you don't have to keep paying for!


Cafes / Restaurants - Front of House

 If you just need a few flavors, have a small space, or ice cream is not going to be the primary focus, a small freezer (4-6 flavors) is probably sufficient.  Again, you'll want to order a sneeze guard and the appropriate inserts package.  If graphics help promote your business, then add them on when you order.


Dessert shops / Restaurants - Back of House

Base your size on how much ice cream you want to hold in reserve or have access to and expected turnover.  In addition to the number of display flavors, there is storage underneath as well.  If you're operating primarily for storage, turn to the lowest setting; if serving, then use the appropriate "temper" temperature for your product.  Probably don't need graphics or a sneeze guard unless you also use it as roll-out or catering freezer.



 While a "freezer only" set up could be used for catering, dipping cabinets are really more ideal for non-mobile settings.  Check out our cart packages to get the right equipment for expanding your store space beyond your store!


  • White powder-coated smooth steel walls inside and out
  • LED Lighting
  • Mezzanine shelf
  • Tempered glass sneeze guard (option)
  • Easy sliding, tempered glass lids within the patented, one-piece injected lid frame
  • Low energy consumption
  • Adjustable thermostat, perfectly suitable for a variety of product applications
  • Very low maintenance
  • 5-year compressor warranty, two years on all other parts
  • Environment-friendly 404a refrigerant


Capacities (tubs displayed / tubs stored) and other model specific stats may be found on the products' shopping cart pages linked below

HBD-12 Dipping Cabinet. 12 flavor tubs displayed; storage for 10 more underneath.  Shown with tempered glass sneeze guard.  This is an excellent general purpose cabinet for dipping or storage with easy access to all flavors.  Permanent vinyl graphics or removable magnet graphics are available.