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Should I order my cart or freezer with a sneeze guard?

Whether you should order a cart with or without a sneeze guard depends on your local health department requirements and/or your personal preference.  Many health departments require sneeze guards in any application in which a member of the general public could, well, sneeze, into what you're dipping or contaminate your product in some way such as little hands reaching down into the freezer.  Some of your customers may see lack of a sneeze guard as a high "ick factor" as well. For areas where product is scooped away from the public such as in a truck or concession trailer, then it's usually not an issue. 


Our recommendation is 1) follow your health department regulation if a sneeze guard is required and 2) get one anyway if you're dipping anywhere in close proximity to the public.  One added benefit of a sneeze guard:  You customers see more action when you scoop right in front of them and you get extra space on top to place cup and cone holders, up-sells, or advertising teasers!

Which sneeze guard?  The glass sneeze guard or Cardinal Carts' patented fold-down sneeze guard?

If you're going to keep your cart in a relatively stationary place, such as in a mall kiosk or stadium or arena, then the glass may be best for you.  The glass is less susceptible to scratches but is heavy and bulky to deal with when taking on or off.  Our revolutionary fold-down sneeze guard is best if you are going to be taking the cart to and from many events.  It comes fully assembled on its own stainless steel frame which you simply set on top of the freezer.  It easily and quickly snaps into an up or down position with no tools necessary.

What do if we have an event or location that has no electricity available?

Your least expensive option is putting a couple of bricks of dry ice in the freezer.  They are usually available from any local ice company and some grocery stores.  That should be sufficient for an afternoon of serving ice cream.  The amount of dry ice needed will depend on the outside temp and the time required. Remember to use gloves when handling dry ice.   


If you feel a generator is something you would prefer, make sure it has at least 1000 watts of starting power.  For our dipping carts with sinks, we recommend a small, quiet generator like the Honda EU2000i.  We've seen it in action and it is amazingly small and quiet.  For the carts without the sinks, the Honda EU1000I should be fine.

A third and probably the best option is the cold plate cart.  These carts are heavily insulated and designed to keep product cold for many hours without use of electricity (after being sufficiently charged).  Check out our page on Novelty Carts for more information.

If I spill product, will it damage the inside of the freezer?

The interiors of the freezers we use have baked-enamel paint over galvanized steel.  With the exception of the cold plate carts, these freezers are the same freezers used inside ice cream stores.   All of the freezers we use are corrosion-resistant and very easy to clean.  They all have a drain plug in the bottom to assist in cleaning.  It doesn't matter if you have ice cream, gelato, Italian ice, fruit ice, etc., these freezers can take product spills with no worries.  Go into any ice cream store and you will see freezers with white, smooth, baked-enamel interiors.  You don't need to pay extra for stainless steel. 

How does my product stay cold while I am traveling to and from my event with a dipping cabinet style cart?

The freezers used by Cardinal Carts are very high-quality commercial freezers that have insulated walls all around. With the freezer pre-chilled, loaded, closed up, and in your minivan or trailer, your product should stay in excellent shape for several hours while you are in transit to and from your event.  Of course this will depend on the temp inside and outside your van and the temp of the product before it is placed in the freezer.  Our freezers also cool down very fast once they're plugged in.  As ice cream store owners, we had to experience for ourselves the trial-and-error period after first getting a cart and using it to see how cold the product should be when loading it in various outside temperature environments.  If you need to keep your product colder for much longer time periods, you can pre-chill the freezer for a few hours, use bricks of dry ice in the freezer, or you can consider purchasing one of our Cold Plate Carts.

Why Cardinal Carts?

The first and probably most important difference between Cardinal Carts and other ice cream cart companies is that Cardinal Carts’ founders are ice cream store owners who know the business from the same side of the counter as you do. Cardinal Carts isn’t just in the business to sell ice cream carts -- we are in the business to help ice cream store owners increase their sales and successfully compete in an increasingly competitive industry.


What makes our carts physically different than other carts is that we offer modular cart systems rather than one all-welded-together cart.  In the past, ice cream store owners had only one choice: a big cart on big wheels that required a tall van or pick-up truck or trailer to haul it.  Cardinal Carts’ revolutionary customizable ice cream dipping cart system consists of:


  • A high-quality commercial dipping cabinet and/or freezer approved to NSF/ANSI standards
  • A choice of a removable glass sneeze guard or patented removable fold-down sneeze guard 
  • A heavy-duty powder-coated cart frame with heavy-duty casters 
  • A patented stainless steel portable sink that has a hot and cold-water sink basin and an NSF dip well that folds out and locks in place behind the dipping cabinet.
  • 7' or 9' umbrellas, with or without graphics
  • Complete custom graphics package

Because our carts are modular, operators have more flexibility in using the cart. First of all, the entire cart fits into the back of a minivan.  Second, they are designed to fit through all normal doorways so they can be used inside or outside.  Third, because the sink is a completely separate module, this makes the cart even easier to transport and operate at an event.  Fourth, if necessary, any individual module can be easily replaced.

Finally, what makes our carts different is the price.  Because we were born from the industry, we know how high the retail prices on equipment are.  What we found out when we became an equipment supplier was how high the markups are and we vowed not to pass on those high mark-ups but to instead earn what we thought was a reasonable profit at a fair price.