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Marble Slab H8D

Our package includes a top quality UL and ANSI/NSF certified commercial freezer with baked enamel finish giving many years of excellent service. The two most popular cart sizes display either 6 or 8 standard 2.5/3.0 gallon tubs with additional room for 4 or 6 extra tubs. Our ice cream carts also feature a heavy duty powder coated trolley style cart frame.  The double-handle is dual-purposed as it's also a convenient umbrella mount.

Catering is easy with this cart package because everything Can fit in the back of a minivan. This is a 1998 Pontiac TranSport.  For the cart models with the fold-down sneeze guard, you need a clearance of 40.5", without the sneeze guard you need 38.5" and for the sink you need 39.5".  The sink is in front of the freezer and the ramps; the wastewater tank, and a folding table can be seen to the right of the freezer.  You can use a similar set up in an enclosed 4' x 8' or 5' x 9' utility trailer

ICE Cream and Italian Ice

Cart packages

A complete turn key package ready to take to catering events, sporting venues, parties, farmers markets, parks! 




The package as priced includes the freezer, heavy duty trolley cart, 3-side graphics, tub holder baskets and skirts, and a $150 umbrella allowance towards purchase of 7.5' or 9.0' umbrella from our catalog site.


Packages may be ordered directly on-line using the "BUY NOW" button where you can select options or customization, or you may also contact us directly at or through the "Contact Us" tab.

Lease options are available through QuickSpark.

We carry the most popular sizes and can get others if you have a special requirement. 

These are "cold wall" freezers that should be plugged in for operation, though they can keep product sufficiently cold for short periods without power depending on operating conditions and usage. 


Packages may be ordered with or without the standard tempered glass sneeze guard.  Our patented folding sneeze guard with stainless steel frame and hinges is available by special order. See the BUY NOW page for pricing and options

Our heavy duty white metal trolley cart comes standard with 4" heavy duty solid rubber casters (two rigid, two swivel/locking), push cart handle and duel umbrella mounts.

Items ship separately. The freezer is delivered via commercial freight carrier.  "Lift Gate" service or "Lift Gate/Residential" service is additional and required if an attended commercial loading dock is unavailable. Cart frames and smaller items are usually shipped UPS.



Hand washing/ware washing sinks are available.  The PS2 hand washing sink with built in dip well is the standard.  We also have the PS5 which includes a 3-bay mini sink and sprayer.  All sinks include a pressurized water pump, water heater, 7-gal fresh water supply tank, and 15 gallon waste tank.


Umbrella: Lots of umbrella choices, and more available.  All of our packages include an umbrella allowance good towards a quick order or custom umbrella or you can simply take a discount.