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Our patented Folding Sneeze Guards are available as an option for H-series carts and HB-series freezers by special order.

HB Tempered Glass Sneeze Guard available on all H-series carts and HB series freezers. Note the mezzanine rack!

Sneeze Guards

Most health departments require sneeze guards for dip cabinets in public areas.  Aside from the obvious sneeze, little sticky fingers, and the general yccch factor of not having one in place, sneeze guards can also provide extra space for advertising your product and display of upsells such as mix-ins and cone upgrades.


Cardinal Carts offers several kinds of sneeze guards...

     - Tempered glass w/ mezzanine style for our HB freezers

     - Our patented folding sneeze guards designed for HB series dipping cabinets 


What kind  should I order?

If your freezer is going to remain in place most of the time, then a fixed sneeze guard is probably the best choice.  It's sleek, stylish, and offers additional space for advertising and placement of other items.  Our HB tempered glass sneeze guards are made from glass and stainless steel and so give many years of excellent service.   We recommend you order your sneeze guard with the freezer for the best pricing and easier shipment, but they can be purchased separately.  


If your freezer is part of a cart system that you use for catering, our patented folding sneeze guard is probably the better way to go.   It's made of a tough clear plastic with a stainless steel frame that fits atop your freezer.  The folding sides and locking clips allow one person to easily set it up or take it down. Why a folding sneeze guard?  Folding the sneeze guard reduces the height of your package by 18-24 inches making it easier to move and it's more forgiving than glass for the frequent movement required of mobile operations.


How do I order?

The easiest way is to order your sneeze guard with your freezer. In most cases, you can select it when ordering the options for the freezer or freezer package. We will make sure you get the right one. If you later find that you need to add or replace a sneeze guard, call us with the name plate on your freezer.  That will usually indicate what model you have and ensure that we can get the right sneeze guard for you.  We carry sneeze guards for the freezer models below.