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Sample Polyester Fabric Colors

(see the umbrella products pages for current colors)

Sample Sunbrella Fabric Colors

(see the umbrella products pages for current colors)

This is a sample of what our umbrella proof looks like.  Whenever you order anything "not standard" we will send you one to make sure you have an idea of what you're actually ordering.  This proof is our standard "gelato" printed in white on a red umbrella.

These umbrellas work great for what they are designed for: regular use with an ice cream cart indoors and out.  As with any umbrella, we recommend that you always take them down in windy conditions, because the poles and rib cage could break in gusty winds.  Also, please keep in mind that the darker the color, the more it will fade if left in the sun regularly.  If you are going to be outside a lot, choose a lighter color or purchase a sun protectant spray.


You can add a single color custom logo, flap printing, or even a second umbrella fabric color.  If it's a logo we already have in stock, there's no design charge to you. 

IF NOTHING ELSE, jUST Add some color!

If you just need a simple single color umbrella, order it from the Umbrellas shopping cart page.  This is an economical way to add a lot of color to your current market equipment.  Sample Polyester and Sunbrella fabric selection colors below; specific colors may or may not be available for certain styles--check out the Quick Order and Custom Order links below for further information.

Identify what you're selling!

This is the most popular option. It's a 7-1/2 foot polyester "market-style" umbrella pre-printed with "Ice Cream", "Gelato" or "Italian Ice" in a variety of color options.  It also includes the related logo on opposing panels.  It may be upgraded to a commercial duty 9 foot umbrella.  If ordering a package, make your selection when ordering the package. You may also order individually in the Umbrellas shopping cart section.  Color selections below.  Sample proof of the "Gelato" print is at the bottom of this page.


Most of our cart packages include umbrella allowances, but you can also order umbrellas as individual items.  Definitely something you want to have if you are operating outdoors.  After all, you don't want direct sunlight hitting your product.  All are made of tough polyester or Sunbrella fabric and UV-protection treated.  Our all-aluminum poles are 1.5" diameter and will fit all of our carts systems and most commercial stands. The color selection is at the bottom of the page.